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Counselling Vancouver

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Benefits of Counselling

Some of the benefits of trauma counselling, counselling for depression, counselling for anxiety, and addictions counselling:

  • Feeling better about yourself, as you learn knowledge and skills to help you to understand and manage the challenges you face;
  • Becoming more satisfied with life as you clear away past hurts, and improve or strengthen your relations with others;
  • Overcoming unhealthy patterns of feeling, thinking or behaving which have prevented you from reaching your life goals;
  • Shifting from reacting to situations to responding to situations in healthy ways, leading to improved confidence; and
  • Self awareness and personal growth.

Counselling Services

Trauma Counselling

Have you experienced or witnessed an event that involved either real or perceived threat of injury or death? Did the event lead to feelings of intense fear, helplessness or horror? Do you find yourself reliving aspects of the event, or avoiding reminders of the event? Do you tend to be easily startled?

Trauma counselling can help! Recovering from trauma includes: education, skill development and addressing the traumatic events you experienced.

Understanding trauma includes learning about:

Coping with the symptoms of trauma requires learning relaxation techniques, visualization, breathing exercises, wellness planning, and skills to specifically help you deal with your feelings in effective and healthy ways.

Most importantly, people experience trauma symptoms because the traumatic experiences have not been processed, so recovery also involves therapeutic processing of these events within a safe and comfortable environment.

Counselling for Depression

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you lack motivation, or have difficulty concentrating? Do you tend toisolate yourself from life? Have you experienced a recent loss that has been difficult to accept or heal from? Do you feel helpless or hopeless?

Overcoming depression is possible and also includes education, skill development, and addressing underlying issues that caused the condition. Find out:


Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety takes many forms, which include (but are not limited to): panic attacks; phobias (fear of people, places, or things), obsessive compulsive tendencies, and/or general anxiety symptoms such as excessive worry. However, when these conditions interfere with daily functioning, the person may have an anxiety disorder. I specialize in working with individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD).

Counselling can help! Recovering from anxiety includes: education, learning strategies to cope with the anxiety, and to actually reduce the intensity of your anxiety, as well as addressing underlying reasons for the anxiety.

Understanding anxiety includes learning about:

Coping with the symptoms of anxiety requires learning relaxation techniques, visualization, breathing exercises, wellness planning, and also involves cognitive and behavioral approaches to handling feelings in effective and healthy ways.

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Dr Barbara Harris, PhD, MSW, RSW

Counselling Vancouver

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