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By Dr. Barbara Harris

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Dr. Barbara Harris, MSW, RSW

EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, and EMDR Consultant

Specialist in Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

EMDR Therapy Since 2000

Have you experienced or witnessed an event that involved either real or perceived threat of injury or death? Did the event lead to feelings of intense fear, helplessness or horror? Do you find yourself reliving aspects of the event, or avoiding reminders of the event? Do you tend to be easily startledYou may be experiencing symptoms of  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Do you feel sad all or most of the time? Do you lack motivation, or have difficulty concentrating? Do you have sleep problems? Do you tend to isolate yourself from life? Have you experienced a recent loss that has been difficult to accept or heal from? Do you feel helpless or hopeless? You may be experiencing depression.

Anxiety takes many forms, which include (but are not limited to): panic attacks; phobias (fear of people, places, or things), obsessive compulsive tendencies, and/or general anxiety symptoms such as excessive worry. However, when these conditions interfere with daily functioning, the person may have an anxiety disorder. I specialize in working with individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD).

Counselling will help you determine if you have PTSD, Depression or Anxiety.

EMDR Therapy is an effective treatment for these concerns.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a treatment modality designed by Psychologist Francine Shapiro who discovered it’s benefits for recovery from   PTSD among Vietnam combat veterans and other trauma survivors. Extensive research indicates that EMDR can effectively resolve trauma at a much faster rate  than traditional therapies. EMDR also is helpful with resolving ongoing triggers of anxiety and other symptomatic conditions.

EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) has become one of the most widely used and recognized treatments for PTSD, however, EMDR can be used to resolve symptoms related to many issues; for example:

  • all forms of abuse in childhood or adulthood
  • car accidents
  • workplace, sports injuries or other physical trauma
  • bullying and workplace injustices
  • victims of crime
  • war related trauma
  • anxiety disorders
  • low self esteem, self loathing
  • grief and loss

Benefits of Counselling and EMDR Therapy often include:

  • Feeling better about yourself, as you gain knowledge and skills to understand and manage the challenges you face;
  • Becoming more satisfied with life as you resolve past hurts, and improve or strengthen your relations with others;
  • Overcoming unhealthy patterns of feeling, thinking or behaving which prevent you from reaching your life goals;
  • Shifting from reacting to responding to situations in healthy ways,
  • Improving self confidence; and
  • Self awareness and personal growth.

For more information about EMDR click here.

Two additional modalities that help provide an integrated approach to healing include:

  • One Eye Integration (OEI) helps clients gain awareness of how they process information, and includes skills/tools to successfully diffuse difficult emotions, while working towards integration.
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented psychotherapy which involves somatic processing of negative experiences in order to facilitate healing.

My interest in these particular therapeutic approaches to trauma therapy are a result of my belief in the need to address trauma and healing holistically – by integrating experiences cognitively, emotionally and physically.

Understanding Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

Trauma Counselling

Trauma therapy includes: assessment and history taking, setting treatment goals, education on PTSD, development of skills to manage and mitigate your symptoms, and, processing the traumatic events you experienced.

Understanding trauma includes learning about:

Coping with the symptoms of trauma requires learning relaxation techniques, visualization, breathing exercises, wellness planning, and skills to specifically help you deal with your feelings in effective and healthy ways.

Most importantly, people experience trauma symptoms because the traumatic experiences have not been processed, so recovery also involves therapeutic processing of these events within a safe and comfortable environment.

EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is commonly used in the treatment of PTSD/trauma.

For more information about EMDR click here.

For more information about PTSD click here.

Counselling for Depression

Overcoming depression is possible and also includes education, skill development, and addressing underlying issues that caused the condition. 

Understanding depression includes learning:

For more information about depression click here.

Counselling for Anxiety

Counselling can help! Recovering from anxiety includes: education, learning strategies to cope with the anxiety, and to actually reduce the intensity of your anxiety, as well as addressing underlying reasons for the anxiety.

Understanding anxiety includes learning about:

For more information about anxiety click here.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Dr Barbara Harris, PhD, MSW, RSW

Dr. Barbara now offers Skype sessions for EMDR Intensives, Consultations and Trauma Counselling.

Certified EMDR Therapist
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By Dr. Barbara Harris

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